What the critics say about 'No spark'...

Releasing new tracks is always a bit of scary moment, it's like jumping into a swimming pool without having checked its temperature :)

For this track release, I used the demo-service Groover again. I like the quality of the feedback labels and playlist curators give through Groover. Good and bad, and quite often spot on.

Here's a snapshot of the feedbacks received on No spark....uncut :)

Soave Feedback · 6 feb.

Hey, thanks you so much for your submission. Great to hear from you again Emperor! Your songs are getting better! Almost where we want it to be. The drums are great and the vocals are well done but they should be more present. Great song all in all again! Keep creating these gems, and please submit your upcoming tracks to us. Have a great Thursday Best, JOHN SKYFIELD

Jamendo Feedback · 4 feb.

Hello and thank you for your submission. We like the overall chilled vibe of your demo. As it is a demo, however, we feel that there is some room for improvement in terms of the mix. Production-wise, we would also suggest to review the track’s dynamics by introducing some quieter parts, for example before the sections where more instruments come in. This would make the song more varied and its sections clearer in terms of the structure. As Jamendo is not a label, we cannot offer signing, but we will be more than happy to listen to the finished version of your track! All the best!

Adam Carling - BLC / Frequency Shift Feedback · 3 feb.

Hello, this style is not my cup of tea. However, I can say that this is pretty well produced, in terms on sounds and recording. The only thing I could suggest, it's to work on the arrangement. There is not enough difference between the verses parts and the refrains parts. Maybe you could use breaks or changes in the music for discern better the several parts of the song. If you want to release this song on the radio, you need to make this. Radios use special format to broadcast music.

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